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Harold Stewart   18-Jun-1926 - 04-May-1987
Harold Stewart
lived in Hull
United Kingdom
Born: 18-Jun-1926
My Dearest Dad...
It's been very hard for me at times but i've always tried to carry on in life, many of the things you taught me are with me today and i live by them.. I feel you we're taken from me too early and i miss you so much.You have never been forgotten dad, there'
Carol McWilliams    06-May-1951 - 21-Dec-2012
Carol McWilliams
lived in HULL
United Kingdom
Born: 06-May-1951
My dearest mum, my friend, my rock

Not a day goes by that you are not thought of, loved or missed

You were my strength, you got me through so much in my life. When times were hard I'd turn to you and you gave me the strength and courage to get through.

Stephen Michael Atkinson   25-May-1976 - 01-Nov-2008
Stephen Michael Atkinson
lived in Hull
United Kingdom
Born: 25-May-1976

In Loving Memory..

You were one in a million, i miss you more and more everyday! You were taking from us suddenly bu

Gizmo   21-Feb-2011 - 07-Apr-2012
lived in Hull
United Kingdom
Born: 21-Feb-2011
Our dear little Gizmo........
It's heartbreaking for us all that your not coming home to us and with it being only a short time you had we hope that it was happy for you.
We are all going to miss you so much Gizmo. It's such a shame that we've now lost you and we feel he
Dolly Clarke   27-Jan-1940 - 23-Feb-2012
Dolly Clarke
lived in Carlihow
United Kingdom
Born: 27-Jan-1940

I miss you like hell mam, i know you were only my foster mum but you were like a second mum to me, luv you loads xx