Stephen Michael Atkinson
Always in our Hearts
25-May-1976 - 01-Nov-2008
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This rememberance was created by:
Jamie-Leigh McWilliams


Stephen Michael Atkinson
Always in our Hearts,
He will never be forgotten.

He was born on: 25-May-1976 and
sadly passed on: 01-Nov-2008
Stephen Michael Atkinson lived in Hull United Kingdom

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In Loving Memory..

You were one in a million, i miss you more and more everyday! You were taking from us suddenly but your never forgotten, you always there with me threw everything i do. You'll be so proud off where i am in life now and you'll so proud of your grandson even though you never got the chance to meet him. He carries your picture around everywhere, he recognises your picture and kisses your picture.

I miss you so so much and i wish your where still here! Sadly gone but never forgotten.

I love you dad. xxx

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