Harold Stewart
Always in our Hearts
18-Jun-1926 - 04-May-1987
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This rememberance was created by:
Stephen Stewart


Harold Stewart
Always in our Hearts,
He will never be forgotten.

He was born on: 18-Jun-1926 and
sadly passed on: 04-May-1987
Harold Stewart lived in Hull United Kingdom

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My Dearest Dad...
It's been very hard for me at times but i've always tried to carry on in life, many of the things you taught me are with me today and i live by them.. I feel you we're taken from me too early and i miss you so much.You have never been forgotten dad, there's not a day goes by that your not thought about..I've missed out on having you around while i grew up and achieved things in life, like becoming a Heavy Recovery Specialist, just wishing you we're with me at times to see me pulling cars from ditches, picking up Busses and Trucks. Being able to show you what i've done now with this website, but most of all, It feels heartbreaking that you are't here to see your Grandchildren.

I so long for approval from you, just to hear the words "well done son, thats great" would mean the world to me.
It's now 2012 and 25 years have gone by without you, I strive to make you proud of me but without you i don't know, and thats maybe why i've never in my heart left 1987.
Your forever in my heart, i miss you so very very much...

I love you Dad xxx
Donna Allott   (Posted: 6 years ago on 01-Aug-2012)
ahh my dream walker..
never actually met but heard alot about you, you were a combination of a modern day knight and a jester..lol

Nobel but not a fool !!

need to say a hugh thank you for without you'd there'd be no stephen and without him i wouldn't have my perfect smile every morning from your grandson Kyle xx

stars twinkle at night everytime you smile harry and i know your loved and missed everyday.
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