Carol McWilliams
Always in our Hearts
06-May-1951 - 21-Dec-2012
†  In Loving Memory  †
This rememberance was created by:
Sue Stewart


Carol McWilliams
Always in our Hearts,
She will never be forgotten.

She was born on: 06-May-1951 and
sadly passed on: 21-Dec-2012
Carol McWilliams lived in HULL United Kingdom

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My dearest mum, my friend, my rock

Not a day goes by that you are not thought of, loved or missed

You were my strength, you got me through so much in my life. When times were hard I'd turn to you and you gave me the strength and courage to get through.

I miss our drives out, I miss chatting to the side of your head while your watching TV, I miss hearing your advice even if I didn't always take it.

I wish you could see how your grandchildren have grown up into wonderful young people (well most of the time)

Love and miss you always my friend, my mum xxx
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