Always in our Hearts
21-Feb-2011 - 07-Apr-2012
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This rememberance was created by:
Stephen Stewart


Our loved Pet Gizmo
Always in our Hearts,
He will never be forgotten.

He was born on: 21-Feb-2011 and
sadly passed on: 07-Apr-2012
Gizmo lived in Hull United Kingdom

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Our dear little Gizmo........
It's heartbreaking for us all that your not coming home to us and with it being only a short time you had we hope that it was happy for you.
We are all going to miss you so much Gizmo. It's such a shame that we've now lost you and we feel heartbroken, expecting you to come running through the catflap meowing is a horrid feeling when we know it's not going to happen.

And to think your we're still only a young little kitty just turning 1 year old.

We love you so very much and we will always remember you! xxxx</p>
Emma Stewart   (Posted: 6 years ago on 01-Aug-2012)
So sad and so going to miss you...
It's so hurtful to think of you only having a short life when we we're all looking forward to you being around forever.

Rest in Peace.
We will always love you! xxx
Jamie-Leigh McWilliams   (Posted: 6 years ago on 01-Aug-2012)
Awww i miss you Gizmo!
Miss coming to the house and you meowing to come and sit with me, Kai misses you too, he loved you as much as we all did!

RIP Gizmo, your really missed xxxx
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