I'm not from the UK, Can i still add a Memorial?
Of course you can...
Although our domain name has the .co.uk ending we are open to all who wish to add their memorials.
I don't have any picture's, can i still add a memorial?
Yes of course, just because you don't have any pictures doesn't mean you can't add a memorial. So long as you have them in your heart.
Why don't you allow me to add pictures at a later date?
We may allow this feature in time...
At the moment we only allow you to add pictures when you create your memorial.
Is it really FREE?
Memoriams.co.uk is Totally FREE, 100%. There are no Hidden charges after you've signed up, no charges to add a memorial page or even to add pictures.
On the Register Page, what is human check?
Human Check on the Register page is to make sure your not a BOT which will clog our system with rubbish.
All you need to do is remove the text from the box so it's empty and click to register your account.
I Don't want to let other people add memories to my Memorial page?
As you create your Memorial page, their is an option to allow or dis-allow this feature.
Setting the option to dis-allow will prevent any members from adding their memories

You can change this option in your Edit Memorial.
I have a question but can't find the answer on your site?
We are Sorry if we haven't got the answer to your question...
Please contact us and we will answer your question the best we can, we may also add it to our FaQs page for others.
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