Welcome to Memoriams, a free memorial service to post pictures and memories of lost love ones.

A great way to show you are still thinking about a loved one in your heart, you can add upto ten pictures to your memorial page with upto 5,000 words.
Pets are Family
Pets are apart of the family too and this is why we allow memorials for your pets who have passed.

Take your time by creating your memorial by showing the care and love you had for your loved pet.
Share Memories
When creating a memorial page you can leave the option for others to post their memories about your loved one.

The creator of the memorial will be sent an email when a memory has been posted for the creator to approved or decline it.

Welcome to Memoriams

Memoriams is a dedicated memorial website for you to use without having to pay for any of it's features.
A great way of showing they are still in your heart and never forgotten, if you have someone you'd like to add to our memorial pages register an account with us today and Create an Obituary, Rememberance, Memorial page for your lost loved one even if they were a family pet.

Browse our memoriams by our search features, Normal searches are displayed according to month. Or you may choose to search by the First letter of someones first name by using the letter search.

You may add upto ten pictures with your rememberance page and around 5,000 words to express your feelings. You may let other members share their memories about your loved one, if you do, we will send you an email before it's published so you can approve or decline the shared memory.

We have 5 Memorial pages for loved ones who have passed.
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Hull United Kingdom
18-Jun-1926 - 04-May-1987
HULL United Kingdom
06-May-1951 - 21-Dec-2012
Hull United Kingdom
25-May-1976 - 01-Nov-2008
Hull United Kingdom
21-Feb-2011 - 07-Apr-2012
Carlihow United Kingdom
27-Jan-1940 - 23-Feb-2012